Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Time...

  It's way past time for an update...somehow I have found so many other 'worthwhile' things to occupy my time lately.

 October has been an eventful month so far and I am sure it will continue.  All our scheduled weekly programs are up and running and It is good to be back into a routine.
 This year we have tried to narrow our focus and concentrate more on a single group/area of kids/teens.   Last year was spent scoping out and finding out just what was already available in the Sunnyslope community for kids and teens and partnering with those established ministries.
 Now that we have a good overall picture we have narrowed our focus and are trying to establish some of our own programs.  This means getting to know a smaller group more personally!
  Monday nights we have started a small Teen Night/Bible Study group.  AJ is leading this group and we do have one other volunteer helping (PTL).  We have anywhere from 8-10 Teens on a typical Monday Night.  I have been so encouraged by there interest in the Bible.  On the first night I had a teen ask me about how I had become a Christian and several others wondered if we could talk about the Bible more!  They are ready and willing to listen...are we ready to share!
  Tuesdays are spent preparing for our crazy Wednesdays :)  and visiting the kids we pick up for Kids Church on Wednesday nights.  Sometimes I wonder how effective it is to go door-to-door visiting these kids and handing out fliers every week when they mostly already know that we are having Kids Church the next day.  It's not so much the reminding them about Kids Church as much as the physical interaction.  We have been picking up several of the kids we visit and taking them to the library or park after visitation and just the one-on-one interaction is so valuable to gain there trust!
  We were unable to go on our visitation rout this week and Wednesday night we had a less than average amount of kids at kids church and many kids asked me, 'why we didn't come visit them' I really do believe this menial, sometimes tiresome, task speaks/ministers to the kids more than we realize!
  This year we are continuing our Good News Club at Sunnyslope Elementary.  We had hoped to find another church/ministry to take on this club so we could start a new Good News Club at the Dessert View Elementary school where most of our Wednesday night Kids Church kids attend...however we were unable to find a group willing to do this.  So we have continued at Sunnyslope and are praying God opens up the door to get into Dessert View Elementary next year.  (Anyone feeling called to Phoenix)
  Good News Club is part of Child Evangelism Fellowship and is an after school club that teaches the salvation message each week threw verses, songs, and Bible stories.
  Kids Church on Wednesday nights is a partnership that Aim Right has been facilitating for the past year with PV Mennonite Church.  We have enjoyed getting to know the people at PV and seeing there heart for unchurched, at risk kids.  (We have been attending PV as our home church since February 2012)  AJ leads the opening assembly time with usually a Bible story, object lesson, or sometimes relay games.  We sing some lively kids songs then break up into classes.  I have been teaching the youngest class of 5-year-olds to 3rd grade.  Which is usually about 20 kids.  This was my first week giving up my role as teacher and just helping...(I have learned, pregnancy sometimes makes you a little less patient with kids )
  We are very thankful for Evie Beckler who recently moved to Phoenix and has been helping with many of the PV programs.  She will be teaching my class Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings...PTL!
  Thursday and Fridays AJ continues to work for Kroph Woodworking.  I was able to quit my Orthodontic Assistant job last month and have been anticipating baby Miller's arrival any day now! (Due 10/27)
  Friday evenings AJ has continued helping a local ministry, Prodigal's Home, with there neighborhood ministry which consist of facilitating games and serving food for the families in the Sunnyslope area.
  Thank-you all once again for your continued prayers and financial support, it truly means so much to have family and friends who believe in the things we are involved in out here in Phoenix!  May God repay you with many many blessings!   

Also just a few pictures from a recent outing with some kids on Fall Break.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Prayer Walk in the Slope

  Last night was a scheduled prayer walk for the Sunnyslope area.  We had about 15 people show up which was awesome, even some new faces!  (they had heard about the ministry through people at there church) AJ divided everyone up into groups of 2-4 people and assigned each group a different block that kids who attend our programs live on.  Our group canvassed the area around Sunnyslope Elementary School which is the school that hosts our 'Good News Club'.

  It may seem awkward/unnecessary to take your prayers out to the streets but for me this time was very meaningful as it allowed a connection from the neighborhood we work in to the reason why we work in that neighborhood!  Prayer for continued good connections and acceptance of the school staff was high on my priority list but as we circled the streets surrounding the school the needs beyond the short time we spend with these kids at 'club' became so evident.
   Gated yards are normal but as we passed by it made me wonder what spiritual walls have these people built up in there own lives?  Dogs barked ferociously from behind closed doors and I wondered again what kind of fear are these people living in that a good guard dog provides peace of mind?   The further we walked away from the school and up the side of North Mountian the nicer the houses got and it made me wonder about the vast diversity in this these neighbors that are obviously better off interact with there less fortunate fellow neighbors?  Is there a sense of community that supersedes language barriers, poverty, and social status?
  As the sunset and we made our way past the school again I was overwhelmed with the power God has given us to impact these young children in there own neighborhood--their own comfort zone.  It is not only the children but also the families of these children that will be impacted possibly even there neighbors maybe even there community!  What a responsibility!
  Programs were not high on my list of things I was looking forward to this fall (baby due in October) but as we walked and prayed last night God did more than bring things to mind to pray for He brought the passion in my own heart back as well!  I became so excited to be able to hang out with these kids on a weekly basis once again to see how they have matured and grown, to be able to teach not only with words but also with examples!  I also was reminded how much these kids have taught me!  How there child like faith so often shames me.  How they remember far more than you remember saying!  And how true the saying is, "More is caught than taught!" 

SO thank-you to those of you who pray for this ministry without getting the privilege to walk these streets, to see tangible spiritual growth, and to witness prayer physically working! Thank-you!

Continued prayer for:
 Kids Church starting this week!
 Aim Rights Prayer Walk Downtown tonight
 Teen Bible Study every Monday Night
 Interns/volunteers willing to serve!
 Good News Club (hopefully) starting September 26th (more volunteers needed)

Praise Report:
  Funds were acquired for the purchase of a 15 passenger van to replace the wrecked/stolen one.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hallajullah Tis Done!

  We are very thank-ful that AJ is now done with his Chemotherapy treatment!  It has definitely taken it's toll on him as he is still feeling very sick.  Thank-you for your prayer support threw this scarey/uncertain time.     We also feel very overwhelmed and grateful to you for your financial support, may God return to you what you have given ten times and more!
  We have finished our week of VBS at Aim Right as well as our week of Teen Camp in Colorado.  Both were stretching but rewarding.
Some highlights in pictures.
Opening at Aim Right VBS

Ro sharing the Bible story with good ole flannel graph.

A favorite for the kids...craft time.

Another favorite, The theme song for the week, "Super Hero"

Teen Camp in Dolores, Colorado.

Horseback riding, a first for some and enjoyed by most.

Team Building, Trust your leader.

Ropes Coarse

A Group Games favorite, kick ball.

Picnic at the park

Ultimate Frisbee

Rookie Camper of the Year, one of the most infectious smiles ever!


One team, deciding what activities to sign up for...

Major highlight...Chapel Time!

Darrell had kids right down someone they wanted/needed to forgive and lay it down at the cross!

Camp this year for AJ and I was different since we were not counselors this year.  We were in charge of  Team Building activities and group games.  It was a different but fun year!
Spiritually this year was exhausting, The Chapel theme was "Healing a Wounded Heart"  and the kids related immediately to this topic.  many many lives were changed and many hearts are being comes real life in the real world...pray for those kids who made commitments!

The following song was written by a teen attending camp this year...

Father in the Heavens
Can I thank you for my life and your blessings. when you came into my life you turned it around and pointed it to your path you made me feel forgiven for all of my sin Jesus thank you for saving my life no words can explain what you did to save my life you shed your blood for me high upon the cross lord I know your real cause you answered all my prayers and saved me from death I'll always worship you lord till my last breath I give you my life since you gave me yours and I'll use all my strength to bow before you lord

thank you thank you Jesus
for saving me from Satan
thank you thank you Jesus
for being the only true God
thank you thank you Jesus
for saving my life

Jesus I want you to know i'm grateful to you for holding my hand through my drugged past you were always there you never left my side but I lost my faith in you when I thought you left my side but one night in jail I got my faith back when I cried out for you and I was set free I was scared to pray to you cause I put the blame on you but you led me to a group of people that helped me through my fear and ever since then I believe in you I would like to thank you for aim right ministries

thank you thank you Jesus
for saving me from Satan
thank you thank you Jesus
for being the only true God
thank you thank you Jesus
for saving my life

*Photo credit to Amy and Aim Rights Blog for the VBS pictures.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Chemotharpy it is...

So our visit with the oncologist went well and we are once again feeling very blessed to have the peace from God to continue with further treatment.  AJ will be starting Chemotherapy on June 18th his treatment is 5 days in a row for several hours, 6th day injection to help combat unpleasant side effects...wait 21 days then repeat 5 day treatment followed once again by the injection.  Then blood work every 3 weeks for 6 months to make sure his levels are returning to normal..
  His Dr. was very accommodating by letting us schedule treatment around our busy summer programs. 
  ~Pray that AJ would be able to handle the treatment and VBS all in the same week.
  ~Pray that AJ would continue to feel peace about this treatment.
  ~Pray that we would be able to continue to keep our focus on ministry through everything else going on in our lives.
 ~Pray for continued healthy pregnancy for Jewel.

Once again thanks so much for ALL the prayers and support!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Update on our past two weeks...

  These past two weeks have not been what we had in mind...but we are so thankful for God's protection and peace.  Two weeks ago AJ went to the Dr. to have a lump checked out.  The Dr. immedietly referred him to a specialist and ordered a ultrasound.  Five days later we found out that the lump would have to be removed and three days later a short out patient surgery was done.  The Urologist informed us before surgery that the test confirmed that the mass was testicular cancer, the test also showed that it had not spread.  We felt very thankful knowing that the cancer was contained.
  Yesterday we visited the Urologist again and learned that the cancer is not all one type of cancer which isn't as good as if it was all one type but we wont know what kind of further treatment is needed until we visit an Oncologist. 
  Thanks for your prayers, we feel so at peace with all that has transpired these past two weeks and we know that is because you are all praying for us. 
  Next Dr. visit is June 4th, keep us in your prayers!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Good News Club

This is another sneak peak at an article that will be in the Aim Right Newsletter...

Good News Club

If you were to enter Sunnyslope Elementary on a Wednesday afternoon you might find a classroom full of energetic kids ranging from 1st - 6th grade.  These kids would not be studying typical lessons, instead you might hear a song being sung about Jesus, a kid taking prayer request and praying for them, a Bible story being told, perhaps even an invitation to receive Jesus as your Savior.
  How can this be going on at a public school?  Thanks to Child Evangelism Fellowship who made this after school "Good New Club" possible, they went all the way to the supreme court to provide an after school club that teaches and evangelizes to kids in there own public school!  CEF is:

"...dedicated to seeing every child reached with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, discipled and established in a local church."

   AJ and I have had the privilege of leading an already established Good News Club at Sunnyslope Elementary for the past school year.  We were amazed at how well behaved and interested the kids were each week to not only learn about Jesus but also make decisions to ask Jesus into there hearts.  We have finished club for the year at a total of 68 kids enrolled and many professions of faith.  We hope to continue this awesome opportunity again next year. 
Pray that the school would continue to be open to our club.
Pray for kids to participate in our club.
Pray for changed lives!

   Do you want to start a "Good News Club" in your child's public school?  Contact CEF at,
Child Evangelism Fellowship
PO Box 348
Warrenton, MO 63383-0348
or check out there web site at

You will find it is easier than you might think!